Scatter Regression viewer description

Regression line is automatically calculated based on scatter plot

Hyperbolic tree

Commonly, trees graph are displayed on a Euclidean plane with the root at the top and children below their parents and connected to their parents with edges. This solution is valid for small graphs while large graphs are extremely difficult to lay out in a way that helps people understand them. Hyperbolic trees, which are a dynamic representation of hierarchical structure, are an effective way to display complex trees clearly. In the hyperbolic layout the root is placed at the center while the children are placed at an outer ring to their parents. The circumference jointly increases with the radius and more space becomes available for the growing numbers of intermediate and leaf nodes.

  • Carrying out both layout and drawing in 3D hyperbolic space lets us see a large amount of context around a focus point.
  • Our layout is for a good balance between information density and clutter.
  • Hyperbolic layout uses a nonlinear (distortion) technique to accommodate focus and context for a large number of nodes.
  • Non Overlapping: to ensure that nodes do not overlap each other, hyperbolic layout algorithms assign an open angle for each node. All children of a node are laid out in this open angle.
  • Refocusing: transformations are provided to allow fluent node re positioning.

In this example it is represented the tree of life, kingdom-animalia. You can click on a node to move it to the center or to grab and re position a single node.